Creative Visualization/Guided Imagery Scripts

Our minds are powerful engines; one of the most stunning things we can make with those engines is the images of our mind’s eye. Call it daydreaming, call it creative visualization, it harnesses our powers for observation, creativity, sensory memory, and above all, imagination. The images we create send potent messages to every system in our bodies. For those of us in chronic pain, this means that we can choose to imagine situations that will calm our pesky, ever-ready-to-get-just-a-little-toooo-worked-up CNS (central nervous system). Include as many details and senses as you can, get the scene as real as it can be...;

Lili’s Special Sloth Meditation:

Sloth & babyThose of us with RSD/CRPS, and in fact anyone with unremitting pain, will sometimes need to calm down a CNS that's misfiring; sending repeated messages of "Danger! Danger! Fight or flight immanent!!!!" throughout the body. Those messages, caused by the pain we are experiencing, flood our systems with adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, cortisol, and a plethora of stress hormones that are a great help when running from a tiger, but not only not so helpful for chronic pain, but sure to increase it, and all the other dysautonomias that go with it. We just need to slow everything down. So remember all we know about creative visualization. What would it be like to be something slow... something calm, gentle, unafraid, full of peace and love? Well, if you know sloths like I now know sloths, you'll know that sloths are the epitome of all of these characteristics. Just look at the gentle smiles on those contented, loving creatures!

Post Date: 2013-10-10 From Creative Visualization/Guided Imagery Scripts

The Tropical Vacation

Picture yourself on a gorgeous desert island all your own; the blues and white of the sea and sky… a comfy hammock or reclining lounge chair, the sounds of the surf, the call of the gulls, the warmth of the sun, the gentlest of breezes (if that’s ok for your particular beast), a cool fruity drink, and thou…. Any variation that fills you with comfort and ease is AOK.

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This one can be flying, skiing, snowboarding, swimming or deep sea diving, but it involves picturing yourself shooming around as free as a bird, as happy as a dolphin at play. Whether slalom-ing down the snowy slopes, twisting effortlessly amongst the other denizens of the coral reef, or soaring with the eagles, the important things are the details to make it real and the sense of freedom and bodily ease; the expansive joy of (utterly pain free) movement.

Post Date: 2013-10-04 From Creative Visualization/Guided Imagery Scripts

Walden's Pond

This is a nice one for city dwellers who may have a hard time getting enough greenery. I highly recommend doing an internet search for images to help you choose your place, but close your eyes and sit yourself down by your own private woodland pond. Again, go for the details of your environment. Think of all that life, busy bees, butterflies, fish, frogs, dragonflies and fireflies, birds of every description from the majestic crane to the perky cock robin to the silent flying mystery of the great horned owl… and there you are, the only one who’s totally still, utterly at rest… I like to add a few of the fae to the mix; wood sprites, dryads, naiads, and gnomes, but I’ll leave you to people your pond as you will. Don’t forget the plants! Water lilies, cat-tails, ferns and mosses, birch trees and willows, and towering cedars… whatever environment you choose, make it real, make it your own, and make it when you need it and times in between when it will help your CNS stay stable and give you more time with less emergency maintenance needed.

Post Date: 2013-10-04 From Creative Visualization/Guided Imagery Scripts