Happy New Year's Eve!

This little pup reminds me of my dear childhood friend, Angus. Like this guy, he too often had an expression of hope and optimism on his fluffy little face.... which all of us Beast Tamers would do well to emulate when we can! It's sometimes hard to keep our hopes up in the face of all these challenges, but when we do, it can actually calm our CNS, lower stress hormones like cortisol, and really impact our pain levels for the day. It's been a rough year for me in many ways, but I'm truly trying to enter this new year with hope; hope for the future, hope for my health, hope for the health and happiness of all of my friends, loved ones and fellow Beast Tamers near and far. I also hope you are able to celebrate this evening in the way and with the people you love best. That will be home made pizza, the first hobbit movie on video (since I can't go to theatres because of my mast cell disease, and I've been yearning to see it!) with my family. (Our pups are looking forward to a few bits and bites of pizza themselves!)

Happy New Year's all you beautiful Beast Tamers!

Author: Lili Wilde
Date Posted: 2013-12-31   Date Last Edited: 2013-12-20 19:23:17


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