November's Challenges

November's Challenges

A massive howling "November is Here, you puny mortals!" windstorm has me laying pretty low today, and I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed. But I thought I'd best check in with my fellow beast tamers.

November's Storm... looks a lot like an RSD/CRPS flare!

I've been struggling with competing priorities... Here on my family's farm we are busy with the challenges of autumn; canning and freezing food for the winter, getting the winter green house plantings estabilished, putting the gardens to bed and preparing the animals for the winter. On the health front, it's both business as usual for an RSD/CRPS old-timer, but also working with specialists towards diagnosis and treatment of Mastocytosis or other Mast Cell Activation Disease, which is probably what has caused my lifetime struggle with anaphylaxis, drug and chemical sensitivity, many-spendored allergic disease and challenges in treating the RSD/CRPS... and trying to get the paperwork in place for another trip to the Portland Centre for Less Invasive Surgeries on High Risk Patients in the spring, and a trip to a geneticist for clarification on exactly which type of Elhers Danlos collegen disorder I have as it may impact the upcoming abdominal surgery. So an overwhelmingly busy time.

The crazy months of putting up food for winter

could make Goblins out of anyone!

And then, there is Taming the Beast... both the book and the blog. Again, a little overwhelmed; trying to manage the technology learning curve, deal with my terribly disorganized files and continue forging ahead with new work. On the blog front, the next installment of my Top 10 Alternative Techniques for RSD/CRPS is surely due, and I have been inspired by a lovely fellow warrior's concerns to be mulling over another post on a topic that is so very important to so many of us as people in chronic pain. On top of that, this is Novermber, which is International RSD/CRPS Awareness Month, which I badly want to be a part of. So-ooooo-ooo after much consideration, (said the Queen of Moderation),  I've decided to do it all!!  Yes, I am finishing up my final research update for part 2 of my Top Ten, percolating for the extra post, aaaand going to follow the wonderful example of my dear pal and fellow blogger of Elle and the Autognome fame (link to her lovely site on the sidebar of this page under "Recommeded Blogs") and take part in 2, (count ‘em; 2!) inspiring initiatives that are taking place.

1. The “ A Day in My Life Photo Challenge for 30 Days of RSD/CRPS Awareness”,

and 2. The Wego Health Blog Post Challenge in honour of the fact that November is also a month to celebrate Health Blogging!

These are both super initiatives and full of fun ideas, and I encourage any of you who might want to take part. Meanwhile, here you have it; my Moderation Queen P of A!! My wise and lovely daughter and caregiver has cautioned me that I MUST NOT beat myself up if I miss a post or two due to the vagaries of life in this particular body of mine, and I've promised that I won’t… I am starting late, and in fact delaying for the duration of this crazy storm, but I hope to jump on board both of these blogging trains on the morrow! Maybe some of you will want to hook your wagon on to one or another of these grand awareness exercises too? Chooo-oo-oooooooooooooooo!!


Author: Lili Wilde
Date Posted: 2013-11-02   Date Last Edited: 2013-11-03 00:35:11


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