Update on Endorsing for Rookie of the Year

UPDATE: Looks like Wego has stopped accepting nominations, but is still accepting endorsements... so if you haven't gotten around to it, or have, but are willing to click that button again, go ahead. I have no idea when they'll be stopping endorsements, I guess. (If you haven't caught all this blather and don't know what I'm talking about, please read the notes below.) Thanks, all!

Here's the link to my Wego nominee page. Just click the purple "Endorse" button under the picture of me (and the handsome furry gentleman in black) on the upper right, and maybe we'll see Taming the Beast win a wego award. Thanks, friends!

 What does this symbol mean? This is the symbol for the Wego Health Activist Award that I (and Taming the Beast) have been nominated for. What's that all about? Well, the short form is that Wego is an organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging and facilitating networking between online Health Activists. I think it's a grand idea, because we all want to reach the most people who need our help that we possibly can, especially those of us who are trying to support people with relatively rare diseases. This particular award is to recognize those of us who are freshly hatched as health bloggers and people who are trying to make a difference for others with our chronic health problem.  I've just started up this year, and it seems a few of my wonderful readers have decided I was worthy of this nomination! 

I'm pretty touched and flattered, and honestly, I would dearly love the recognition, though I doubt I've got much of a chance. One of the aspects is that they've set it up so that having the most "endorsements" or votes is a fairly big factor in the decision making. For those of us who are not only new to the scene but also have a relatively small audience compared to someone working in the realm of cancer, arthritis or the like, our numbers will simply be smaller. A wonderful pal  of mine (who has also been nominated for several awards and who surely is deserving of them, so endorse her please!) has written a post explaining this all in a little more detail. Aaanyways, it seems that though no more nominations will be accepted, supporters can still vote (or "endorse"), and you can apparently do so once a day if you have the urge. I feel a bit shy doing this, but what the heck, it would be a lovely capper to a really kind of rough year, so I decided to ask my friends and supporters to go ahead and take that moment to endorse me (once or once a day if you really feel like giving me a boost) before this opportunity turns into a pumpkin. When is pumpkin time? I'm not sure, but I do know the awards are announced near the spring Equinox, on March 20th, so try the link any time  before then and endorse Taming the Beast if you've the will to do so.

Here's the link to my Wego nominee page. Just click the purple "Endorse" button under the picture of me (and the handsome furry gentleman in black) on the upper right, and maybe we'll see Taming the Beast win a wego award. Thanks, fellow Beast Tamers and friends of Beast Tamers!

PS: While you're in the neighbourhood, please take a mo to click a few more of your fav health activists, especially including anyone who's working to support people with RSD/CRPS, Mastocytosis, Environmental Illness, or any other rare condition. We need this info to reach the people who need it! And all of us health bloggers who are working to help others while struggling with major health challenges of our own could use the boost! Cheers!


 Here's a couple of the nominees I've been endorsing. There's more, but I'm having a hard time finding all the links, and I'm a pooped out puppy right now, so I hope to get back and get some more listed. Meanwhile, check these out, and look for more on the Wego site. These are all super bloggers in our community! Click their names to take you to their wonderful blogs, click the links to take you to their nominee pages :




Author: Lili Wilde
Date Posted: 2014-01-02   Date Last Edited: 2014-01-13 20:21:26

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Topic: Update on Endorsing for Rookie of the Year - Taming The Beast
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