Walden's Pond

This is a nice one for city dwellers who may have a hard time getting enough greenery. I highly recommend doing an internet search for images to help you choose your place, but close your eyes and sit yourself down by your own private woodland pond. Again, go for the details of your environment. Think of all that life, busy bees, butterflies, fish, frogs, dragonflies and fireflies, birds of every description from the majestic crane to the perky cock robin to the silent flying mystery of the great horned owl… and there you are, the only one who’s totally still, utterly at rest… I like to add a few of the fae to the mix; wood sprites, dryads, naiads, and gnomes, but I’ll leave you to people your pond as you will. Don’t forget the plants! Water lilies, cat-tails, ferns and mosses, birch trees and willows, and towering cedars… whatever environment you choose, make it real, make it your own, and make it when you need it and times in between when it will help your CNS stay stable and give you more time with less emergency maintenance needed.

Author: Lili Wilde
Date Posted: 2013-10-04   Date Last Edited: 2013-10-31 01:50:14

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Topic: Walden's Pond - Taming The Beast
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